Every Church member should give regardless of the amount donated.
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Donation Total: $5.00

General Fund: This fund is for the main support of the church. Purpose: Salaries, Utilities, Insurance, and Supplies.

Benevolence Fund: Purpose-The Deacons administer this fund for church members who are in financial crisis.  There are limitations, and legitimate need is required. (See chairman or vice chairman of the Deacon’s ministry for further information.)

Building Fund: Purpose-Trustees administers this fund for basic upkeep, general repairs of the buildings (Church and Administration building).

Missionary Offering: Purpose-Support the missionary work of the church.  

  • Foreign missionaries (Dr. Johnson and his family formerly in Nairobi, Kenya, now returned to Philadelphia.)  Short-term missionaries (those who serve for two weeks or longer on the mission field.)
  • Home Missions:
    •  CityTeam Ministry (homeless and rehab ministry) Chester, PA
    • Dorcas Missionary Ministry (Sister Smith, President)
    • Salvation Army-Bible mission society
    • Wounded Warriors Project, St. Jude’s Hospital and others as needed and requested.
    • Rev. Nelson Copeland’s ministry

Biblical Emphasis: 1st Corinthians 9:7

Note:  See Church Covenant