New Members Questions

1. How Long Is it?

Sunday morning worship services begin at 11 AM. Service is 2 hours but varies according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. On special days, like annual days, Resurrection Day, Holy Communion, etc., the service may run longer. Occasionally, Sunday afternoon services occur. They begin at 3:30 PM and include a repast, either before or after the worship service.

2. What’s the Dress Code?

There is no dress code at First Baptist of Morton. Some members dress very formally while others dress very casually. The consensus is that since there is no partiality with God, worshippers may dress according to their ability. Visitors are always welcome and are never turned away or disregarded due to their dress.

3. What About the Kids?

Kids are the future. Kids are always welcome at First Baptist of Morton. Most of the children at First Baptist attend Sunday school classes (approximately 9:45 AM-10:45 AM), but some attend the morning worship service. The service can be long for some children, but we keep a supply of books and pencils for them. Some toddlers like to roam around the sanctuary; this is not forbidden. Occasionally, a parent or grandparent will take children to the lower sanctuary where children can be more comfortable and a speaker allows the service to be heard.